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VITA - the ideal solution for developing an ESCO: specialised financing of small projects’ portfolios

• ESCO growth: keep ownership of projects while preserving the company’s equity to finance strategic initiatives that enable a fast growth;

• Flexibility and financial engineering: aggregate small projects (from €0.1M to around €3M per project) into portfolios, take advantage of the size effect and risk pooling to finance them through project finance loans;

• Expertise and speed: Our team has many years of experience in structuring project finance facilities for ESCOs. Our financing process is standardised and therefore simple and fast. Our feedback is clear and transparent;

• VITA is an investment platform of LBO France, for over 35 years one of France’s leading companies specialising in private equity, real estate, debt and venture capital. Energea is the LBO France team specialising in the financing of distributed energy generation and energy efficiency projects, at your disposal to discuss the financing terms of your projects.

LBO France

Examples of financing

VITA specialises in decentralised energy production and energy efficiency projects. VITA supports projects which, due to their size, cannot easily find financing through conventional banking channels.

Example 1: Rooftop PV project
For example, an ESCO has developed a portfolio of small rooftop photovoltaic projects. The revenues from the project are partly based on the sale of electricity to the owner of the roof and partly on the incentives granted by the FER 1 decree in Italy. VITA can finance the ESCO with a project finance credit line, with a simple and standardised process.

Example 2: Eco / Seism / Superbonus 110
VITA finances construction companies working on interventions that comply with the “Relaunch decree” (art. 119 and 121 DL 19th May 2020).

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